Hanna K. Draws

Pro-Marker sketch. Done from a photo I saw here on Tumblr but I can’t find it now. 

Pro-Marker sketch. Done from a photo I saw here on Tumblr but I can’t find it now. 

some old knighs sketches from my sketchbook 

some old knighs sketches from my sketchbook 

Anonymous asked: Would it be cool if I did a gif comic too? You're just a big inspiration for me :D

Going through some messages rn and this ask is so old! it’s from when I made that "Owl Cafe" comic. It was just too cute not to answer. I don’t own any rights to gif-comics!! In fact, I was inspired to do it from watching Zac Gormans stuff. (that’s why the characters name is Zac and I wanted to answer this just to say that) 

ok I’m not going to post more asks now. 

biggorono asked: Are you the coolest? Yes. Yes, you are.

I have nothing to add 

Anonymous asked: Any plans to continue that Zelda comic? (please say yes)

This comic came to me in some kind of inspiration-frenzy and I sketched it all down on a notepad in like 20 min, but it was never very thought out or planned. I really enjoyed working on it though, and there’s a bit more story on that sketchpad so I’d love to do more pages when I have the time! But it was just this stupid thing for fun and I will only keep doing it if its fun

Seeing people capslocking about this comic has been really great btw. You guys are great!

twitter doodle-comic inspired by the new Zelda trailer

I made a limited edition second printing of my “Feathers”-print from the Gallery 33 show, and will be selling them here for 200 SEK + whatever shipping cost. (200 sek = aprx 29.70 usd.)

Payment via paypal. 

A3 size. 4-color risograph. 

Email me at hanna.k.store@gmail.com if you’re interested! 

EDIT: Shipping sweden + 42 SEK  shipping Europe +70 SEK shipping Internationally + 74 SEK



NOTE: If you’re going to ELCAF or Oslo Comics Expo this weekend you can get it from the Peow!-table instead

I won’t be there myself but the guys will. Pat at ELCAF and Eli + Olle in Oslo. Go say hi! there will be lots of cool stuff at their table. 

link to the shop: http://www.peowstudio.com/shop/