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Hey - hourly comic day!

I’ve been kinda stressed out lately about a bunch of stuff (I moved this weekend - yikes!) This day was mostly about me stressing about all my crap and not wanting to socialize at all (not even online) and also loving Alan Davies …

Last year was better

kankar asked: Oh gosh I really love your art! Um - I hope you don't mind- can I ask you a question? I've been drawing seriously since 6th grade, so about 5 years now, and I'm having a lot of trouble, especially with understanding 3d forms and how to draw things and people in different poses because I simply don't understand it that well. You seem to really understand this concept, so if you don't mind me asking - can you give me some tips as an experienced artist? Thank you!!

Thank you very much! Drawing from real life might be a boring tip, but its very helpful in creating believable poses and actually seing the shape of things. Look up life drawing classes! if you can’t find any or don’t want to spend money you can draw ppl on the subway, in cafés, at the park, draw your friends, find some of those old nude statues and draw them from different angles (?) etc . I’ve personally found nude life drawing helpful in understanding the 3d shape of the body, fat and muscles and so on, but drawing people in their everyday is more helpul in making natural poses (and clothes…).

A thing I got from animation is to not draw a single still image but rather think about how the character got into this pose and where are they going next. Try paus/slowplay movies and draw the actors/characters to understand movement (and get an idea about action-poses)

And lastly, draw quick! as quick as you can! challange yourself to draw even quicker! Practice is about understanding, not making beautiful sketches. And you’ll understand more the more you draw. Being fast allows you to draw more! (when drawing a real piece spend as much time as you want - these tips are for learning, these sketches are for putting away when you’re done, not for showing others (unless you really want to))

I’d love to give more helpful tips but its kinda hard to do that in text, and unfortunately I don’t have time to make a tutorial (might make one later sometime?). But there are some good tutorials out there that you can google for!

I’ve found looking at Tracys Lackadaisy comic very helpful, because she really knows how to make characters look three dimensional! She also has a few great and funny tutourials that you can look at 

P.S. Draw stripes on ppl sometimes! (this is super sloppy but you get the idea)


yeah I’m back again! Hope you’ve all had great holidays and new years and everything!

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Sketches from June

Harry Potter doodle

Harry Potter doodle

Playfighting sketches from May

ink sketches from May (most backgrounds are kinda from the Tekkon Kinkreet comic)